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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What Does Markos Want?

Though Damon may currently be the gang’s biggest concern on The Vampire Diaries right now, that’ set to change eventually with the introduction of a brand new villain to the Mystic Falls fold: Markos. All we know about Markos is that he’s dark-yet-charismatic leader from a faraway land with a whole band of loyal followers. And we’re pretty sure he’s a Traveler. Basically, he’s a serious threat to our favorite TVDers. But what does he want?

The doppelgangers’ power

After five seasons, we’re still not really sure how the doppelganger magic works, but we know it’s powerful. Whenever a supernatural being is looking for that extra push, they tend to grab at the closest doppelganger to complete their dastardly plans. Heck, it was the doppelgangers’ blood that allowed Tessa to transfer the anchor-ship of the Other Side, aka supernatural purgatory, from Amara to Bonnie. Doppelganger blood can disrupt whole realms that’s power. The Travelers have already demonstrated a thirst for doppelganger blood (not literally) when they collected a few buckets from Stefan and Elena. Will Markos come to town to take more of it, or better still: the doppelgangers themselves.

The doppelgangers’ lives

Or maybe he doesn’t want the doppelgangers at all. Or, more accurately, maybe he wants them dead. Nadia’s Matt-possessing boyfriend told Katherine that the Travelers wanted to kill Silas and then Katherine. Seems to us like they may be picking off the doppelganger line, starting from the top and working their way down. So, from where we stand, their hit list looks a little something like this: Katherine, then Stefan, then Elena. Is the fact that Katherine and Elena are sharing the same body helpful a two birds, one body kind of deal or will it mess with their order? Or are we just totally off base with this theory?

Bonnie, aka the anchor

Before Silas stole her, Amara had been in the Travelers’ possession for thousands of years, carting around statue-like in a crate so that no one could use her to mess with the Other Side. Do we really think the Travelers will be willing to let the anchor go now that it’s Bonnie. Um, no. If we were Bon Bon, we’d start practicing potential statue poses. She may not be a desiccate-able vamp (yet) but she may be hanging in a crate for a while.

An end to all vampires

We’re not really sure what the connection between the vampires and the Travelers is. Nadia and Katherine are both, but are they the exception to the rule? Do Travelers’ hate vampires? It seems somewhat likely given that they just teamed up with Dr. Wes, who is developing a vampire cannibal serum. Why do that unless you wished to see an end to the vampire race? There could be another motive at play here, or the Travelers could be plotting the vampire extermination.

What do you think Markos wants? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, February 27 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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