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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Juan Pablo’s Ladies Were Looking for Love — But Was He?

There’s no question that Juan Pablo Galavis has enjoyed being El Bachelor. In fact, at time he seems to enjoy it a little too much. But is he really on the show to experience more than just countless makeout sessions? Perhaps it’s time to dust off the show’s favorite expression — “the right reasons” — as Chris Harrison doubts whether the guy was really willing to fall in love with someone from the show.

In sharp contrast to Sean Lowe’s season, viewers haven’t really seen Juan Pabs as being ready to settle down and pop the question once the finale comes around. And as Chris tells Reality TV World, the women on the show this season also haven’t felt that from him.

“[Juan Pablo] had a tough time fitting into it and really giving it up to the process, and I think the women have seen a little bit of that,” Chris says. “They felt it. And I think it's made some of them question, you know, his motives, his real sincerity of, ‘Is he here for true love?’ Because they're not hearing it and seeing it as much as they've seen it in the past.”

We think Chris has a valid point here. Ever since JPG was so willing to hop into the ocean with Clare Crawley (c’mon, you knew we were gonna bring up Oceangate), it’s been clear he basically saw the show as a way to help him have a good time. We think you’ll agree that the show’s previous stars, like Sean, Ashley Hebert, Desiree Hartsock heck, even Mr. Indecisive himself, Brad Womack made themselves more vulnerable than Juan Pablo has.

But why isn’t Juan Pablo open to love? Perhaps it has something to do with him not having known how this show works before he was on it himself. “[T]here really was a language and cultural barrier because he didn't know the show as well as people who have been watching it for 10 or 12 years, who just kind of slide into that role,” Chris continues.

Wait, so not every single human being on planet earth is as obsessed with The Bachelor as we are? Blasphemy! And now, since Chris’s comments seem to back up a recent report that Juan Pablo “really likes” but isn’t in love with the recipient of his final rose, we must admit we’re worried that we won’t see an engagement at the end of Juan Pablo’s season. We just don’t want to have to be the ones to break the news to poor Neil Lane.

Do you think Juan Pablo hasn’t been willing to fall in love on the show?

Source: Reality TV World