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The Originals

The Originals Power Rankings: Which Supernatural Has the Upper Hand?

The Originals is all about the ever-shifting balance of power in the supernatural circles of New Orleans. Which group has the upper hand changes from episode to episode as the movers and shakers of the werewolf, witch, human, and vampire communities make their moves. As we wait for this seemingly interminable hiatus to come to a close, we take the opportunity to rank where the supernatural (and human) factions fall in the NOLA hierarchy.

4. Werewolves

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2014 The CW Network    

Is it just is, or are the werewolves in the The Vampire Diaries universe always ineffectual? They pretty much never came out on top on TVD, and The Originals has only continued the tradition. So far, the werewolves we’ve seen have been sequestered to the bayou. Living in broken down shacks or on the run, they live in fear of being hunted down by vampires. Even the werewolf with the most leverage, Hayley, hasn’t demonstrated much agency. The most rebellious thing she’s done is throw a kegger, and she totally needed Rebekah’s help to make it happen. We think this may change as her desire to reverse the curse put on her werewolf clan comes to fruition, but right now, the werewolves are at the bottom of the supernatural totem pole.

3. Humans

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It just goes to show how far the werewolves have fallen to know that the NOLA humans are beating them in the power rankings. Not so long ago, Klaus slaughtered the leaders of the human faction, leaving a relative vacuum in power. Somehow, Father Kieran manages to hold some sway with the supernatural communities of the quarter (well, not so much the witches). They generally respect him to mediate discussions and sometimes allow his decisions, which is surprising given that he doesn’t really have anything to back him up besides Klaus’ casual affections. Cami has a similar deal. She’s strong-willed, but doesn’t have the muscle to make anyone supernatural do anything. She does have Klaus more intense affections, though, which in this and any game, is not nothing.

2. Vampires

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Are you surprised to see the vampires at only #2 on the list? Because we are! There was a time when we doubted anyone could throw the vampires off of the French Quarter throne, but that time has passed, and aren’t we glad for it! This show was much less compelling when the vampires exercised complete control. Now, Klaus and Rebekah are held hostage by the witches, and Elijah and Marcel are desperate to find them. As Genevieve says in this promo for the next episode, “Just because we can’t kill them, doesn’t mean they can’t be destroyed.” The vampires have fallen.

1. Witches

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2014 The CW Network    

When this show started (or even a few episodes ago), we never imagined the witches would be at the top of this list. Aside from the powerful Davina, they were desperate, living under Marcel thumb after their failed Harvest ceremony, and they stayed that way through the midseason finale. Then, quicker than you could say “Abracadabra,” Celeste had stolen the power from the Harvest, resurrected three of her most powerful witch friends, and set into motion a plan to defeat the Original family once and for all. What can we say? Witch knows how to get stuff done! Which is why, right now, the witches rule the French Quarter.

Who do you think is the most powerful faction in NOLA? Do you think the power ranking will soon change? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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