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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Sneak Peek Photos For Season 5, Episode 15 — Flashback to Nadia’s Search For Katherine

If you thought the race to save Elena was coming to an end, you better think again. (Has there ever been a time when this girl doesn’t need saving?) When The Vampire Diaries returns for Season 5, Episode 15, this life-saving mission will be the main concern for Stefan, Caroline, and Matt.

Meanwhile, Nadia takes a trip down memory lane as she recalls her century-long search for her mother. These flashbacks spark new ideas to save Elena’s life, which we can only assume is bad news bears for Miss Katherine.

Later, when Bonnie and Jeremy are in desperate need of help, they turn to the mysterious Liv yet another time. Unfortunately, Bonnie will learn a horrifying secret that puts all of her friends’ lives in danger. (What else is new?)

The Vampire Diaries Synopsis for Season 5, Episode 15: “Gone Girl”
While Nadia remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline, and Matt come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s life. For the second time, Bonnie and Jeremy must turn to Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) for help. Damon baits Tyler into a nasty confrontation, then takes off to seek revenge on Dr. Wes. Caroline and Tyler come to a new understanding. Finally, Bonnie learns a terrifying secret that threatens the lives of all of her friends.

Air Date: Thursday, March 6 at 8 p.m. on the CW!