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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison Says If SHE Was Bachelorette, He’d Go On the Show! Who Is It?

Fans of The Bachelor have wanted 27-time host Chris Harrison to be the star of the show since… well, probably the first time we ever heard his calming voice and saw his signature hand clasp. Heck, we can’t even look at a rose without wondering aloud, “Gee, I wish Chris Harrison would just be on the show already.” Our (fictional) boyfriends are horrified, and Chris himself has said that he would never be the Bachelor because he knows too much (and yes, we did mean for you to read that in a crime show voice…).

But a lot of his refusal came before he and his wife split in 2012, so what about now? Well, ladies, there is hope! Except, you know, not actually…

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In a press call with reporters (via Reality TV World) on February 19, one hard-hitting journalist took the opportunity to ask the question that’s got us all on high alert: Which celebrity would be a good Bachelorette? Is it Jenny McCarthy, who admitted recently that she tried to get on the show years ago? No, but it is another famous Jen.

“Jennifer Aniston. I always thought Jennifer Aniston, I don't know, [I think] she's in a relationship, but I always thought that she would be a good Bachelorette, for some reason,” Chris chose like the correct man he is. But who cares, right?

Except, wrong, because he explained what it is about her like a total dating genius, saying, “What is it not about her? She's gorgeous and I remember she was like having trouble with relationships all the time and finding the right guy. And I just think we could do good for her.” Aww, that’s sweet. Would Chris be down to console and consult with her? Nope.

“I would probably give up my hosting role and then be on the show.” We’d watch that.

What do you think of Chris’s choice for the best celebrity to be Bachelorette? Do you have another one in mind?

Source: Reality TV World

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