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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 3, Episode 26: “It’s All Good!”

Last night saw the Season 3 finale of Braxton Family Values and it left us all with a bit of a bittersweet taste in our mouths. Things weren’t necessarily resolved between Towanda Braxton, and her baby sis, Tamar Braxton; in addition, Tamar’s first Grammy experience didn’t turn out as everyone expected. On the other hand, Trina Braxton made some major moves in her new business (of course with a few bumps here and there) and we got a send off with a major party!

Towanda and Ms. Evelyn have a sit down. The family are all in L.A. in preparation for Tamar’s appearance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards as a three-time nominated artist. Though it’s a momentous occasion, there’s still some lingering tension between Towanda and Tamar and their mother, Evelyn, decides to talk it out with Towanda. Towanda gets the inkling that Ms. E has sided with Tamar and ultimately wants the older sister to apologize first, but Evelyn explains that she only approached Towanda first because she knows that of the two sisters, Towanda is the most level-headed and responsible. Towanda is pretty brisk with the conversation and they turn their attention towards eating their food.

Tamar has a Grammys meltdown. It’s the day of the Grammys (Sunday, January 26) and Tamar is having an anxiety attack. Despite planning everything days before, Tamar is indecisive about her hair and wavers when her stylists opt to try something different. Even though she’s wary about looking terrible on the most important night of her life, Tamar decides to try something new, and rocks a short blonde bob for the red carpet and it turns out great.

It’s officially crunch time and Tamar is joined by a reporter from The Insider to ride along with her to the Grammys. They talk about Vincent’s recent health scare, Tamar's choice to segue into being vegan, and having tons of good luck charms — wearing the same color dress and using the same clutch big sis Toni Braxton won during her first Grammy win — for the evening. Finally, Tamar makes it to the Grammys and looks absolutely amazing on the red carpet.

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And the winner is… Tamar explains that all three categories she’s nominated in are to be awarded during the pre-show, and so we watch as each category flashes on screen and Tamar’s name isn’t called. Tamar’s not totally upset that she lost Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song for her chart-topping hit “Love and War,” but when her album, Love and War, loses Best Urban Contemporary Album, Tamar becomes inconsolable.

Trina’s BarChix are serving trouble. Tamar’s husband, Vincent “The” Herbert, enlisted the help of Trina’s new bartending service, BarChix, to mix cocktails for a Grammys after-party he planned for Tamar. When Trina’s staff arrives, she’s met with a bit of trouble. Not only are some of her staff smoking on the tour bus, one of her employees goes into a cuss-filled rant about the poor quality of their motel stay during the trip from Atlanta to L.A. Trina, who is clearly on pins and needles with hopes the event goes off without a hitch, apologizes to the girls and sends them on their way.

Tamar parties the night away. Toni manages to get Tamar, who is still upset over her loss, to come out to the party that is being thrown in her honor. Tamar slowly gets into the the groove of things, especially when Towanda tells Tay Tay that she has absolutely no reason to feel upset — after all, she will now officially have the title “Grammy-nominated artist” for the rest of her life. This perks up Tamar’s mood and she parties the night away with her family and friends (including Tameka “Tiny” Harris).

Battle of the baptisms. The next day, Tamar throws her hubby Vincent a big birthday bash and surprises him with the baptism of their seven-month-old son, Logan, during the event. Tamar asks both her mom and dad (who are divorced) to preside over the baptism and each parent tries to over talk the other. After several moments of prayer back and forth between the two grandparents, Logan is finally baptised (with one of his godmothers being Tameka “Tiny” Harris) and the party begins.

Toni’s weary about a Braxton gospel album. As the night comes to a close, Toni looks over the past events with her sisters, how each woman is moving forward with her life, and she begins to panic as to whether or not a Braxton family gospel album will ever see the light of day. At the end of the show, Toni confesses that she wishes she had added an addendum to the contract she signed with her sisters stating that she would not back out from the group project.

What did you think of Braxton Family Values Season 3? Should the sisters return for a season 4? Tell us your favorite moments from the season and what you hope to see next year in the comments below!