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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Hometown Dates: Which Families Hated Juan Pablo Galavis?

Oh, Hometown Dates. That fateful episode when the Bachelor finally gets to meet his final four’s adoring families. They can either go really well, or they can go horribly, horribly wrong. In the case of 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, there was a bit of both.

During the February 24 episode, Juan Pablo criss-crossed the country to meet the families of Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, Renee Oteri, and Clare Crawley. Some families were totally smitten. Others were, well, very much not impressed. So who fell under his spell? Who wasn’t buying it? Here’s the rundown.


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The night started out with a visit to Nikki Ferrell’s cute midwestern hometown (though Reality Steve says her Hometown was filmed second). The lovebirds chowed down on spicy barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s, then headed over to meet the Ferrell fam at Nikki’s palatial Kansas City, Missouri home. Lucky for Juan Pablo, her family seemed to love him. He had a nice one-on-one talk with her dad, and told him, “I know Nikki is ready to get married, and that’s what I want.” Nikki told her mom she is “definitely” in love with him, though she didn’t tell Juan Pablo about her feelings. Her mom seemed to have no objections at all.


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Heading down to Atlanta for Andi Dorfman’s hometown, things went south — real quick. Andi’s dad, Hy, clearly did not approve of Juan Pablo, and he made no attempt to hide it. He said he could see that Andi and her shared new beau are infatuated with each other, but he didn’t think it was love. “I don’t know him well enough to wish him any ill will,” Hy told the cameras. But does he think Juan Pablo is good enough for his daughter? Not a chance. The rest of Andi’s family, especially her sister, also appeared to have reservations. Overall, the night did not go well. Understatement? Perhaps.


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After the letdown at Andi’s place, Juan Pablo had a bit of a better time on Renee Oteri’s hometown. During the Sarasota, Florida, trip, Juan Pablo got the chance to meet her parents and her son, Ben. All decked out in his Little League uniform, Ben looked adorable, and he seemed to get along really well with his mom’s new friend. Juan Pablo loved watching Ben play sports, and gushed that he “wanted a son and can’t wait to play baseball, football, soccer... everything with him.” Her parents were similarly impressed, with Papa Oteri telling Renee that JPG is a “good guy” and pointing out that she was simply glowing around him.


Credit: Jose Villegas/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

Clare’s Sacramento, California date was a bit more of a mixed bag. Most of her sisters seemed to love Juan Pablo — sidenote: How many sisters does this girl have, anyway? — but older sis Lara was most certainly not a fan! Interjecting to conversations with a level of skepticism and negativity that rivaled Desiree Hartsock’s brother, Nate, Lara made it clear that she does not approve of Juan Pablo. Clare was crushed by her sister’s lack of support. “It’s killing my spirit,” she said, tears streaming down her face. Still, Clare’s not giving up hope yet. “If he can look past my crazy family, I would love to marry him. I would absolutely love it,” she told the cameras.

Still, not all the Crawleys were so anti-JP. When Clare’s mom finally got some one-on-one time with Juan Pablo, she had some pretty nice things to say. “You would be very welcome to be in our family,” she told him. Sounds like the seal of approval to us!

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