Credit: Matt Dunn/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Hometowns: Should Juan Pablo Galavis Have Met Renee Oteri’s Son?

Juan Pablo Galavis already introduced his daughter, Camila, to one of his final ladies, Nikki Ferrell. Now, he’s had the chance to meet another gal’s son! During the 2014 Bachelor Hometown Dates, Final Four contestant Renee Oteri introduced him to her son, Ben. But then, by the end of the night, he'd eliminated Renee from the competition. So was it really the best idea for he and Ben to have met?

Credit: Matt Dunn/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

During the Hometown Dates, Renee introduced Juan Pablo to her son before Ben’s Little League game, which they later stuck around to watch. Juan Pablo seemed excited to be getting introduced to Renee’s son, and he was clearly trying hard to get Ben to like him. They chatted about sports, and Juan Pablo called him “buddy.”

Renee seemed glad that Juan Pablo had met her son, and he gushed about how they both experienced moments that only parents can really understand. Renee said over and over that she’d been missing her son like crazy, and she told cameras that she thinks Ben handled the experience of meeting Juan Pablo really well.

But is this an experience Ben should have had in the first place? At that point, Juan Pablo was still trying to choose between four women. Renee knew it was entirely possibly that she might not be his final choice. Knowing that the odds still weren’t stacked in her favor, was it wise of Renee to let her son meet a man he might never come into contact with again? (In hindsight, knowing that Renee was eliminated, the answer seems more simple. But even if she had continued on, would it have been a good choice?)

It’s not like Ben and JP are going to form a deep friendship right off the bat. We doubt Renee’s son will be emotionally impacted or feel hurt if he never sees Juan Pablo again. But still, meeting a parent’s “special friend” is a big step for a young kid.

What do you think? Did Renee introduce Ben to Juan Pablo too soon?

I don't think it was wise.

Totally her choice!