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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Put the Knives in Jake’s Punching Bag?

Pretty Little Liars has left hanging even more loose ends than usual in recent episodes. Exhibit A: The knife someone concealed within Jake’s punching bag in Season 4, Episode 16. With the reveal that Ezra is not the big bad “A,” but rather a true crime author writing a story about Alison’s disappearance, the question of who has it out for the town’s martial arts guru and why is left even more open-ended. Who put the knife in Jake’s punching bag?


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Just because he isn’t “A,” doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of going after his girlfriend’s other boyfriend. Ezra had more incentive than anyone to plant that knife. Not only was he an obstacle in his efforts to date Aria, but he could also cast doubt on Ezra’s ability to act as a good father figure to Malcolm. Now that we know the depths of Ezra’s deception of Aria, we’re not sure if we can give him the benefit of the doubt any longer.


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We haven’t seen the other martial arts-loving man in Aria’s life for a while now, but we couldn’t help but think of him when this question came up. Holden seems like a genuinely nice guy who only wants to be left alone to do his martial arts in peace, but given that no one is what he or she seems in this town, we’re not going to rule him out. Holden would have the dojo know-how to insert a knife into Jake’s punching bag without being too suspicious. If he’s a student at Jake’s dojo, he would even have the opportunity. That only leaves the motive to figure out!


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Alison has a habit of playing with her friends’ love lives. Would she go so far as to inflict bodily harm? Maybe. Especially if she thought Aria staying with Ezra was in her best interest. If she thinks Ezra is the one who is after her, then we could see her trying to keep Aria in his life as some sort of collateral for when the going gets tough. Does that sound cynical? What can we say? We’re still wildly suspicious of Alison.


Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

If anyone has something to gain from Jake’s bad-mouthing Ezra, then it’s Maggie, who is trying to cut him out of her son’s life. Unfortunately, he is not going without a fight. We don’t think Mags has anything to worry about in the courts, given that Ezra is neither Malcolm’s biological father nor knew the boy for longer than a year, but maybe she’s looking for extra insurance. Jake probably thinks Ezra is the person who planted that dagger, which means he would be an excellent lack-of-character witness for Maggie to call to the stand. Not that anyone who is aware of Ezra’s relationships with not one, but two teenage girls wouldn’t do.

Who do you think put the dagger in Jake’s punching bag? Share your theories in the comments below!

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