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Daniel Radcliffe On His Shoulder-Length Hair Extensions for Frankenstein: “I Have a New Sympathy For Women”

Long hair, don’t care — or does he? Daniel Radcliffe is ready to say goodbye to the shoulder-length hair extensions he’s wearing for Frankenstein as soon as filming is over. Turns out, he’s not so into the whole hair care routine as guys who voluntarily grow their locks out might be.

“I don’t mind how it looks, but I mind dealing with it,” the former Harry Potter star told The Telegraph. “I don’t know why any man would have it voluntarily.”

The long hair is kind of a necessity for Dan to pull off the role of Igor, though — and at least it’s only temporary, right? In the meantime, he’s learning what it’s like to be a girl… and he’s not exactly happy with what he’s discovered.

“The amount of work it takes, having to dry it… Doing anything to it is a f—ing nightmare,” Daniel explained. “I do have a whole new sympathy for women. I wouldn’t be growing my hair this long in my own time.” You’re preaching to the choir, bro.

Having so much hair isn’t all bad, though. In fact, there are even things about it that Daniel likes. We’d imagine getting to try on a new look that’s a radical change from the way you’re used to seeing yourself can be a nice change of pace.

“I actually don’t mind it because there’s something really fun about looking totally different and seeing yourself that way,” the 24-year-old actor said. “But it’s not a permanent change.”

It’s okay, Daniel — at least you’re being true to your art. And filming will be over soon enough!

Source: The Telegraph

02.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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