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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 17 — Kyle Questions Lisa!

Talk about out of control! We love how many crazy moments The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills manages to pack into one episode, whether it's Joyce Giraud not realizing that Michael speaks Spanish, or Lisa Vanderpump panicking about her bathroom. Here are our picks for the top five most ridiculous moments from Season 4, Episode 17: "Lines in the Sand."

5. Yolanda pulls Lisa aside for... why, exactly? We're not sure.

Here’s what started the episode’s chaos: Yolanda decides to pull Lisa away from the carefree beach fun and says it’s weird that she’s suddenly close with Kyle again. No offense, Yolanda, but we’re not really sure why this was your battle to fight.

4. Ken asks Lisa if Kim is drinking.

Ken and Lisa quickly bail on the dinner party and head back to the hotel. As they leave, Ken asks Lisa if Kim has been drinking again. We don’t appreciate that he would ask that, and it’s nice that Lisa quickly squashes this notion. Then, Lisa laments that the “underdog” a.k.a. Brandi has bitten her. It’s definitely a dog-eat-dog world on this show.

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3. Lisa freaks out about her bathroom situation.

Remember how lighthearted things were when the episode started, and it seemed like Lisa complaining about having to share a bathroom with Ken seemed like the most tense concern we’d be faced with. Those were the days.

2. Brandi tells Kyle about the tabloids.

Is Brandi telling the truth or isn’t she? That’s the big question, as Brandi tells Kyle that Lisa wanted to bring tabloid articles about Kyle’s marriage to Palm Springs. It’s hard to imagine Lisa actually wanting to bring them — and why wouldn’t Brandi have mentioned this to Kyle sooner?

1. Kyle asks Lisa at dinner about the tabloids — and then Ken and Kim squabble.

It makes sense to us that Kyle would want to ask Lisa about the rumor in front of Brandi. However, Lisa was clearly offended by the inquiry, and Ken called it a “sabotage attack,” so Kyle probably shouldn't have done this in front of the group. So Ken and Kim then go at it. Why are vacations on this show always so stressful?