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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 22 Spoilers: 15 Things We Learn From the Promo

Pretty Little Liars is heading into the end of Season 4, and it looks like Season 4, Episode 22 ("Cover For Me”) is jam packed with all the drama fans could want. In fact, the promo is practically overflowing with info about the episode, so we've taken a close look to see what it reveals.

1. Aria on a picnic table. At :06, we see Aria sitting on a picnic table, on her cell phone. Where has she driven off to? What will she do now?

2. "You dug her grave." At :07 we see this chilling message from "A": "I know you dug her grave, now I'm digging yours." We assume that's directed at Spencer.

3. Aria reading a note. At :07, Aria is looking at a note. It kind of looks like she's in a hotel room, but it's hard to tell.

4. Aria vs. Ezra. At :07, we also see Aria and Ezra facing off. We see her at his door at :19. We can't wait to see her confront him again.

Credit: ABC Family    

5. Spencer's new guy. At :07 we see Spence on a run with new guy Dean. We still think he's helping her recover from the drugs.

6. Aria has a new guy, too. And it looks like they are getting close at :08. Is she trying to run away from her heartbreak, or is there something else going on here? At :09, they seem to be getting down and dirty. Wow.

7. Where have you been? At :10 we see Aria crying to someone, "Where have you been?

8. Mona in action. At :12 we see a very stylish Mona driving around. We love it when Mona is up to something! Though she seems to spot Em in the rearview mirror. We hope she doesn't try to run another Liar over!

9. Spencer attacks! At :13 we see a flashback of Spencer appearing to attack someone with a shovel. At :14 she's covered in blood. "I know what I did," present day Spencer says at :15.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Family    

10. Ezra's back! At :16 we see Ezra's back in school. That will be fun.

11. Holbrook approaches... Spencer? At :17 we see Holbrook approach someone we think might be Spencer. It also looks like Hanna sees this scene, whatever it is, happen.

12. Spencer hunting down clues. At :18 we see Spencer breaking into a drawer, presumably to find out more about what happened to her that night.

13. Spencer in danger. At :20 a shadowy figure looms behind Spencer. That can't be good.

14. The Liars in shock. The promo promises we "won't believe [our] eyes," and at :21 Spencer and Hanna certainly don't seem to believe theirs.

15. Mona's message. "I'm surprise it took so long for you to figure it out," Mona says with a smirk at the end of the promo. Is she talking about Ezra, or something else?

Check it out yourself here:

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Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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