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Glee: Entertainment Weekly Recaps Season 5 Episode 9: “Frenemies” (VIDEO)

Oh, Glee. A happy little realm of TV where the normal rules of logic and reason just don’t apply. But there’s lots of singing! And we love the characters! So we really don’t mind suspending reality for a little bit to jump on board.

The show just returned from a three-month hiatus on Tuesday night with Season 5 Episode 9, a dramatic, hair-pulling, slap-filled hour titled — rightfully so — “Frenemies.” Entertainment Weekly’s Kerry Doherty and Dave Quinn have put together a video recap of what went down. Take a look, but be warned: There’s plenty of sarcasm ahead.

We start out with a clip of that epic Rachel (Lea Michele) vs. Santana (Naya Rivera) fight. “You are short, you are awful,” Santana yells at her, “and that is never going to change!” Rachel’s response? A prompt and powerful slap in the face.

“Ah,” Kerrys says, “the slap heard ‘round the apartment that is far too large with too much natural sunlight and exposed brick for me to believe that three poor twenty-somethings can afford it.”

Keeping along the theme of logic fails, Kevin quickly chimes in. “Santana auditioned for a Broadway show with no manager, and was cast as an understudy to a lead role, without having a dance audition, or reading any lines. Oh, and she’s just going to be an understudy, right? Like, no ensemble crap or anything?”

They continue to playfully poke fun at the show for a while, before playing a clip of Artie and Tina’s epic song-and-rap-off in the McKinley choir room. Then, back in the studio, Kerry and Dave randomly break into song and dance.

Because, well... Glee.

02.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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