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Kim Kardashian

Is Kanye West Controlling Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Presence?

Kanye West may have helped to rehabilitate Kim Kardashian’s image since her days on the party scene with Paris Hilton, but has his influence gone from caring to creepy?

While Kim has shown epic devotion to her man since the couple began dating in 2012, doing everything from posing topless in his “Bound 2” video to voicing her support for his rants, it seems as though Kanye wants even more control over Kim’s more revamped image.

Star (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) reports that Kanye has recently become insistent on taking the reins on Kim’s social media accounts so that she can finally become the refined and elegant sex tape making flower he’s come to expect in a wife.

Kanye’s controlling [manner] has consumed all aspects of his fiancée’s life. He has issued her a list of dos and don’ts for 2014,” says a source for the magazine.

In addition to making sure his fiancee looks fly, Kanye is “monitoring Kim’s phone; forcing her to cut ties with friends he believes are selling stories to the media; restricting the amount of times she’s seen in public with her family; approving all photos before she posts to social media; and making sure they are never in clashing outfits.”

This kind of action may seem over-the-top, but it doesn’t seem out of the question for the tightly-wound rapper — after all, he did make Kim toss a Louis Vuitton purse long before he replaced it with the world’s ugliest Birkin.

Do you think that Kim would let Kanye take that kind of control over her life?

Source: Star / Celeb Dirty Laundry