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Pretty Little Liars

Who Is “A”? Our Top 4 Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 21

So, you’re still dying to know who is the Big “A” on Pretty Little Liars. Don’t worry — we’ve got our crack team of sleuths on the case, analyzing every clue for your mystery-solving pleasure.

Who is “A”? Here are some hints from Season 4, Episode 21: “She’s Come Undone,” that may help us solve this thing for good!

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4. Mrs. DiLaurentis

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Why she might be “A”: OK, so it’s pretty messed up if “A” turns out to be any of the Liars’ parents. But now that we’ve learned Mrs. D paid off CeCe to keep quiet about Ali and Spencer’s argument, it’s hard to overlook the fact that this feels like something “A” would do. And her vibe during the wrist-grabbing exchange with Spencer was definitely creeping us out.

Why she might not be: She’s still Ali’s mom. So even though we’re assuming we’re going to find out some big surprises about Jessica DiLaurentis, given her involvement with the Radley board, we’d like to think that her working with the “A” team isn’t one.

3. Paige McCullers

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Why she might be “A”: Does Paige really have good intentions for wanting to keep Emily from Ali? We know that Paige — or should we say, “Pigskin” — has never exactly been besties with Ali, and we’ve always wondered if she might be involved in the “A” team. Seeing Paige get the cops to track down Ali for her definitely increases our concerns.

Why she might not be: There’s no denying that someone who tried to drown Emily just might be up to something. However, we’d like to think that Emily would realize that Paige is “A” during the course of their lengthy relationship. Then again, Aria didn’t notice that Ezra has been watching her for years, so maybe our Liars aren’t always as perceptive as we think.

2. Alison DiLaurentis

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Why she might be “A”: Ali telling Spencer in the flashback that she’s out of her league is a very “A”-esque thing to do. And now we’re curious as to what Spencer and Ali’s heated argument was about. We don’t think there’s any chance Spencer hurt Ali or her twin, but we do think Ali is a likely “A” candidate — and maybe Spencer had been close to figuring that out.

Why she might not be: That recording of Ali telling someone she’s now safe thanks to them doesn’t make her sound like “A.” And if Ali is as desperate for the cash Em sent as we think she is, then she’s also probably not “A.” Of course, there’s still the distinct possibility that Ali has a twin, so the twin on the recording may be different from the one who argued with Spencer that night.

1. Aria Montgomery

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Why she might be “A”: Aria is back to the top of this list for the second time in two weeks. But the hints keep mounting up, including Aria finding that photo of herself at Ezra’s place that shows her in a black veil. Or the fact that Aria and “A” are both seen next to fires this week. And it’s kind of weird that Aria wouldn’t want to hang on to the stuff in Ezra’s apartment to see if his research helps them track “A” down.

Why she might not be: Given how devastated Aria is upon finding out about Ezra’s book, it’s hard to imagine Aria being a calculating mastermind. Or at least, it would be a relief to know that isn’t the case.

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

Paige is looking suspicious...

It has to be Wren!