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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Daryl Dixon Die?

The threat to riot if Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) dies on The Walking Dead has become its own meme.

Some viewers have been so passionate in their insistence that Daryl is off limits, they've prompted executive producer Robert Kirkman to say they might actually get him killed. He feels like they’re daring him to kill Daryl.

Daryl isn't even in Kirkman's comic books, so we have no way of guessing where his story might go next — other than to make relatively educated guesses based on filming spoilers, tweets and interviews with the cast. If we had any money, we’d be willing to bet most if it that Daryl survives into Season 5. Norman was seen filming up to the very end of Season 4 in November; he’s talked about looking forward to returning to Woodbury store where they film TWD in Georgia; and he’s openly said "maybe I die in these back eight" episodes, which he probably wouldn’t mention so casually if he did die since it would be a major spoiler.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The only way we could legitimately imagine Daryl dying in the second half of Season 4 is if Norman asked to leave the show — and that's not likely. Yeah, he has a movie coming up, produced by Robert Kirkman, but that’s probably secondary to his full-time job on TWD. Norman loves playing Daryl and we can’t imagine he’d “opt out,” so to speak. This is a dream role, and AMC knows he’s a big draw for many fans. That doesn’t mean Daryl will live forever, but to off him on Season 4 of a series that could easily see Season 10 someday — it doesn’t compute.

Besides, Daryl is the kind of guy who seems like he would survive in this world ... unless he sacrificed his life for someone else, which is still possible. There are no guarantees in life, but don’t lose too much sleep over Daryl this season. Beth, on the other hand — we’re less sure about her.

Back in 2012, Robert Kirkman talked to the Boston Herald about the "double-edged sword" of TWD, when it comes to episodes with major deaths and episodes where everyone gets to live. “I’ve got people who say after an episode, ‘Oh, my gosh, nobody died, and what’s going on?’” Kirkman said at the time. “Then I’ve got countless people saying, ‘I swear, if Daryl Dixon dies, we’re gonna riot.’ It varies. We’re just telling a story and trying to do it in the most realistic way possible, and in this world, people would be dying left and right. To those who are thirsty for blood, I say, ‘Wait, and you’ll eventually get what you want.’ To fans of, say, Daryl Dixon who don’t want him to die, I say, ‘If it happens some day, sorry.’" He may be sorry himself if fans make good on their threats!

Are you worried about Daryl this season or do you think he’ll survive into Season 5 and beyond? Who are you worried about, since this show does like to kill people and even if Daryl lives it doesn’t mean his friends will.