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Game of Thrones

Why Does Maisie Williams Finally Understand the Pain of Game of Thrones Deaths?

Fourth in line to the Kingdom of the North and reigning Queen of Social Media Maisie Williams has taken to Twitter to reveal how she has finally come to understand why fans get so upset at characters dying off on Game of Thrones: She’s watching Breaking Bad.

Maisie recently tweeted, “Only now do I fully understand the pain you guys feel when we kill a leading character on @GameOfThrones . Breaking Bad.. You cut me deep.” While Breaking Bad definitely featured fewer deaths than Game of Thrones, it also had a much smaller cast, so the pain of losing a characteris no less intense.

Warning: The rest of this article has some major Breaking Bad spoilers!

We wonder how far along Maisie is into Breaking Bad though, that she’s feeling this pain? Is she referring to the demise of one of Jesse’s flames, Jane or Andrea? Maybe she was attached to Gus? We could see her being a big fan of Mike, he had a very Hound-like quality to him. Or maybe she’s close to the end and it’s the passing of Hank that has her grieving. We can’t imagine that she’s upset at the death of Walter White, she had to see that one coming!

We’ll have to pay attention to Maisie’s tweets in the future to see if she gives any clues as to which character’s death got her bummed, but at least we know the girl has good tasted in TV shows!

02.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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