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Red Carpet Legs: Celebrities Show Off Their Sexy Gams (PHOTOS)

These red-hot celebrities aren't afraid to show off their legs. They've worked hard for them, so why not?

The slit skirt is a time-honored sexy tradition in fashion, evoking classic Bond girls and Angelina Jolie alike. A solid high slit doesn't just allow greater freedom of movement ;— a well-placed opening can turn a drab maxi skirt into a teasingly sexy number, or a business-casual pencil skirt into a party skirt. ;

Of course, a peek-a-boo act to show off some toned gams can come from different wardrobe choices, too. Some well-placed sheer can certainly do the trick or, as Kerry Washington did at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, a short skirt with a long train.

No matter how they pulled it off, these celebs put their legs front-and-center in their red carpet looks. Need some sweet ideas? Click through the gallery!