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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans’s Bare Baby Bump: See How She Looks at 23 Weeks Pregnant! (PHOTO)

Can you believe that Jenelle Evans is already 23 weeks pregnant with her newest bundle of joy? This Teen Mom 2 star is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith, and she's well into her second trimester. Jenelle looks absolutely amazing this time 'round (how could she not? Her baby's name is Kaiser), and recently shared a picture of her bump with Teen Mom Truth. And not just any picture — this is a bare belly picture, in which fans can see just how huge Jenelle's tummy is getting!

Credit: Teen Mom Truth    

Jenelle looks absolutely stunning in this recent snapshot, and we have to say, her tattoos look even better than usual now that they're all gigantic and stretched out. Flawless! Unfortunately, Jenelle's had a pretty rough pregnancy full of vomit, heartburn and the occasional intestinal blockage, but it looks like she and the baby are healthy –– which is all that really matters!

In other news, Jenelle and Nathan are planning to raise their baby in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, while her son, Jace, will continue to visit his mom for long weekends. And who knows? Maybe if Jenelle continues to live life in the slow lane, she'll get full custody of her little man soon!

What do you think of Jenelle's 23-week baby bump? Does she look amazing, or what?! Head to the comments and dish your thoughts.

Source: Teen Mom Truth