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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 18 Recap — Lisa Bails on the Trip!

It's the aftermath of last week's insane Puerto Rico drama on tonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 18 recap. So save your receipts, hop into the nearest fountain, and wash your sheets with plenty of Snuggles.

Splish, Splash

The episode begins with the ladies meeting up in Puerto Rico on the day after the crazy dinner fight. Well, almost all of them meet up, as Lisa Vanderpump and Ken grabbed a cab at 5 a.m. to head back home. The ladies vow not to discuss the Lisa drama, but they probably also should have vowed not to get into fountains with their clothes on. And here we thought people only jump into fountains during the Friends opening credits.

Back on the mainland, Brandi brings her parents over to Yolanda's. This means we get another glimpse at Yolanda's amazing fridge, which is always a good thing. And as they leave, Brandi surprises her parents with a brand new car! And while that's really sweet, we're most impressed about the fact that Brandi managed to find one of those gigantic red bows to put on top of the car. Where do you even buy those things?

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Rule #1: Save Your Receipts. Rule #2... Uh, That's Pretty Much the Only Rule.

It's transition time for Yolanda and Kim's families, as both ladies help their daughters move for college. However, the arrangements for the two girls are quite different: Yolanda's daughter Gigi is living alone in a palace in Manhattan, while Kim's daughter Kimberly is cramped into a tiny dorm room with a roommate. But seeing both girls say goodbye to their moms is touching. And yes, Kim, you bought more than enough mattress covers.

We see several cute scenes with Kyle and her daughters. First, Kyle — joined by Taylor Armstrong! — takes Portia to get her ears pierced. Portia is shockingly calm after getting the first one pierced — until the pain suddenly sets in. Then, Sophia tries to set an example for Portia, but she is just as terrified as Portia is. Then, Kyle tries to teach them self-defense, but it doesn't go as planned.

Lisa and Ken (Reluctantly) Prepare to Party

Lisa chats with Carlton about how she feels that the ladies ambushed her in Puerto Rico, and it's nice to see these two getting along. Then, Lisa and Ken are headed to Kyle's 100th anniversary party for Beverly Hills, even though Ken is not excited about it. He even says that the other ladies and their husbands are not his friends. Ouch.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

Our Overall Thoughts

Lisa was predicting that the ladies would be rejoicing that she left, but instead, we admired that the other women did not say anything catty to each other behind Lisa's back. And while Yolanda and Brandi aren't close with Lisa, it's very sweet to see their friendship strengthening, as Yolanda continues to help Brandi and her dad patch things up.

It's nice that Lisa is able to talk to Carlton, since we hadn't seem them get particularly close before this. However, given how close Brandi and Carlton once were, it will be interesting to see if their friendship survives the fallout from Puerto Rico.

And so we're very excited to see the Season 4 finale next week. If anyone needs us, we'll be doing laps in a fountain.