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Juan Pablo Galavis, and More Celebrity Social Issue Insensitivity (PHOTOS)

We're used to the obnoxious "#sorrynotsorry" attitudes of some celebs on petty issues, but when they run their mouths (or their typing fingers) on significant historical events and social issues, the results can be horrific. Take Growing Pains cutie-turned-hyper conservative Kirk Cameron, who decided to promote his new movie Mercy Rule ;by slamming gay marriage. Classy! Of course, Season 18 ;Bachelor ;Juan Pablo Galavis, whose "Women Tell All" special airs tonight, didn't outwardly appear to be promoting anything when he called gay people "more pervert."

Read on for more about those... incidents, and other Hollywood hotshots have made some pretty bad publicity flaps, including Justin Bieber's trip to the Anne Frank house, Gilbert Gottfried and 50 Cent's input on the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and sunami, and a whole lot more.

Click through our gallery of celebs who seem to have suffered from foot-in-mouth syndrome!