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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Cast In and Out of Character: What Do They Look Like All Cleaned Up? (PHOTOS)

If we ran into any of The Walking Dead actors on the street, we’d be hard-pressed to recognize them without their onscreen sheen of blood, sweat, and dirt. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration: Norman Reedus ;(Daryl Dixon) is the same kind of smoldering hot in or out of the dirt (or a Prada suit), and Andrew Lincoln ;(Rick Grimes)'s baby blues have been burnt on the back of our retinas since that "to me, you are perfect" scene from Love Actually. It remains, though, that some TWD ;cast members clean up pretty nice.

So, what do these gritty survivors look like when not in costume and caked with walker gore? Probably something like their characters looked before the turn, although we're pretty sure Eugene Porter ;(Josh McDermitt) ;was born with a mullet.

Click through for 21 surprising side-by-sides ;of TWD ;survivors and the actors behind them, including some dearly departed characters.