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The Bachelor

Is Juan Pablo Galavis the Worst Bachelor Ever? Survey Says…

Do you remember back when we heard that Juan Pablo Galavis was going to be the Bachelor? It was just a warm day in August, and we were so excited that the Venezuelan fella would be passing out roses. Fast forward six months, and no one likes Juan Pablo, at least according to Viggle LIVE! users who weighed in on a poll during Monday’s “Women Tell All.”

We asked whether folks thought Juan Pablo is the worst Bachelor ever, and an overwhelming 82 percent of Viggle responders say that he proves his worst-ness (yeah, it’s a word now, k?) every time he speaks. Whoa, those are some fighting words!

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Still, there is that remaining 18 percent of fans who jumped on their Viggle app to defend the handsome El Bachelor, citing that it must be opposite day if we’re asking that question. They love Juan Pablo muchisimo and know that he can do no wrong. What’s the right answer? Whatever you say it is! That’s democracy at its finest.

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