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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards: Why Did Lisa Vanderpump Say She Loves Brandi Glanville If Brandi Lied?

We may never know what really happened with the infamous tabloids prior to the Palm Springs trip on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But Kyle Richards is still having trouble understanding why Lisa Vanderpump behaved the way she did if Brandi Glanville really did make up the story.

On last week's episode, we see Lisa go over to Brandi at dinner in Puerto Rico and tell her that she loves her, which is after Brandi had told Kyle that Lisa supposedly wanted to bring the magazines to Palm Springs. So Kyle doesn't get why if Brandi really is lying why Lisa would still be making nice with her.

"Why didn't Lisa go to Brandi in Puerto Rico and confront her if Brandi was lying?" Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "If someone had said that I did or said something that I did NOT do, I would have confronted them and certainly not said 'I love you.' The Lisa I know would not tolerate someone making up a story about her."

It is strange that Lisa would still seemingly be on good terms with Brandi if Brandi had completely lied about her. But maybe Lisa didn't quite realize the extent of what Brandi had said. Either way, we want to know who's telling the truth, and it looks like we never will.

Do you think Kyle has a point? Or are Lisa's actions understandable?

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog