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Sisqó’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Shaione: What Does She Look Like Now?

Back in 1999, Dru Hill front man Sisqó made waves when he cast his then 4-year-old daughter, Shaione, in his infamous “Thong Song” music video. These days, the ‘90s are long over... and that means little Shaione is all grown up!

Shaione Andrews is now 19 years old, and she definitely resembles her famous father. Sisqó (real name: Mark Althavean Andrews) appeared in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap this past summer, which means we all got a firsthand look into the daily life of this memorable singer.

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The Andrews family’s official Celebrity Wife Swap photo shows Sisqó standing outside his family home. Shaione stands on the far left, wearing dangling earrings and a sky blue sleeveless top. On the right is her dad’s girlfriend, Elizabeth, and Sisqó is grinning contentedly as he holds the couple’s young son, Ryu, 11 months.

Gone are the cute little braids Shaione sported on the set of her dad’s music video. Gone are the bright colored scrunchies, too. We guess that’s okay a girl’s style has to change over the years — and we’re loving the colorful-but-chic outfit she’s wearing today.

Looking at Shaione’s face, it’s clear she’s got a lot of her father in her: her eyes, her smile. Now, if only we knew what her vocals were like...

03.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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