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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia: Kyle Richards Should Have Demanded an Apology From Brandi Glanville

Remember earlier this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Carlton Gebbia and Brandi Glanville were thick as thieves? Well, that doesn't quite seem to be the case anymore.

Carlton writes in her Bravo blog that Kyle Richards should have asked Brandi to apologize for having the tabloids before the Palm Springs trip. "Kyle seems so hell bent on an apology from Lisa for what?" Carlton writes. "Did you also demand that same apology from Brandi, too? Just curious? Good God, give it a bloody rest."

Carlton adds that Yolanda Foster is "absolutely delusional" for saying that Lisa leaving the trip early made her look guilty. And Carlton also has a feeling that she herself was uninvited from the Puerto Rico trip to make it easier for the women to gang up on Lisa. "I cynically think it's interesting that I was uninvited maybe a ploy," she writes.

So are Brandi and Carlton still friends? It doesn't really seem that way, given how Carlton seems to put a lot of blame for the incident in Puerto Rico on her. And we kinda doubt that Carlton was uninvited from the trip as a ploy, since we hadn't seen any signs that Carlton and Lisa were pals before this week's episode.

Do you think Kyle was too easy on Brandi?

Source: Carlton's Bravo blog