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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Is Toby in London With Melissa and Wren? (PHOTO)

We’re dying to know what Toby (Keegan Allen) is doing in London on Pretty Little Liars, but we can’t help but think it has something to do with Wren (Julian Morris) and Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). Did Toby hop the pond to visit and/or spy on his future (fingers crossed) siblings-in-law?

We need to know what was said in Toby’s letter to Spencer! Why hasn’t Spencer mentioned it to the other Liars? Is Toby onto to something in London — perhaps a connection between Wren and Toby and his mother’s death? He told Spencer that he was ready to move on from that, but he could have found something that made him change his mind. (Or maybe watching Spencer tear herself apart because of a past she doesn’t understand did the trick.)

Credit: ABC Family    

Our theory: this has something to do with Dr. Wren. Wren worked at Radley and presumably had access to secrets concerning Toby’s mother’s death — maybe he even took the job there to find out more about the mystery. These are secrets Radley (including board member Mrs. DiLaurentis) is desperate to keep covered up. Was this the reason for Wren’s abrupt departure back to his home country? Did he run, afraid of what Radley might do to him is he stayed and talked? If so, he may feel a degree of safety now he is safely away. Did he reach out to Toby? We hope so. We like the idea of Wren begin a good guy who wants to help Toby find the truth about his mother.

Alternatively, this could have something to do with Melissa, who has secrets of her own. Melissa seems to be protecting her sister, but from what? Does she, too, think that Spencer killed Alison, or does she know who was after Alison? Was it her? Perhaps Toby went to London to get answers from Melissa concerning the Hasting family secrets, hoping that she might confide in him when Spencer and her parents would not.

Conversely, Toby’s reasons for going to London might not involve such camaraderie. Did Toby go to London to spy on Wren? We have seen the good doctor act super sketchy before -- most prominently in Season 4, Episode 10 when he followed Hanna and tricked Veronica Hastings into recusing herself from Ashley Marin’s defense team. He seemed to be working for someone, but who? And why would Toby think to go to London to find out? That’s a long way to travel unless you’re sure you might get something. What prompted this seemingly impromptu trip across the Atlantic?

Do you think Toby went to London because of Wren and Melissa? If so, do you think he is visiting them or spying on them? Sound off in the comments below!

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