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Celebrity Arrests

The Most Shocking Celebrity Arrests of 2014 (PHOTOS)

2014 will go down forever as The Year Justin Bieber Got Arrested. Not even a month into the year, and the Biebs has been charged with a DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest without violence in Miami.

But Justin's not alone. Who else got cuffed so far this year, and what did they do?

Because celebrity arrests are so very common, we’ve narrowed them down to the most noteworthy — the craziest stories, the most shocking charges, the weirdest circumstances. 2014 has only just begun, and already we have drunken naptime on a casino floor, cop-car selfies, and some intense federal fraud charges on the books, and that's not counting the Biebs's legal woes.

Which Real Housewives franchise star might be going to prison? Which comedian spent the night in the drunk tank? Which TV star tweeted jokes about her arrest? Click through the gallery to read all about it.