Revenge Season 3, Episode 15 Spoilers: 6 Things We Learn From the Promo (VIDEO)
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Revenge Season 3, Episode 15 Spoilers: 6 Things We Learn From the Promo (VIDEO)

Revenge is back, and Emily Thorne's plans are more out of control than ever. Will she be able to regain the upper hand in Season 3, Episode 15 ("Struggle")? Based on the promo for the episode, we're not so sure.

What does this shocking preview tell us? We've taken a close look to see what it reveals.

1. Emily is ready to "kill them all." Em has always been about the slow, meticulous path to vengeance, but this promo opens with Emily telling Nolan she's going to "kill them all." The promo then flashes to images of all her Grayson enemies: Victoria, Conrad, and Daniel. Is she really ready to resort to murder? Does she think that's the only way to win before her blackouts get the best of her?

2. Nolan remains the moral compass. At :05 Nolan goes to Aiden for help. "She's about to do something she will not come back from, ever!" he insists. Aiden looks reluctant to engage, but we have a feeling he'll help in the end.

3. Emily gets her stab on. At :08 Emily takes a knife from her pocket and stabs away at something. We guess we're supposed to think it's a person, but that knife looks awfully small for murder. We think something else is going on.

4. Trapped! At :10 we see Em, dressed in black, hiding under a bed or some other piece of furniture. Then we see someone wandering around in black, and then at :12 Em gasps as she's dragged out from her hiding place. Is she in trouble? Is this Aiden come to stop her from crossing over into cold blooded murder? We can't wait to find out.

5. Who does Victoria want to slay? "I created this beast, I think it's time I slay her," Victoria says at :13. The promo is cut to suggest she's talking about Emily, but given that the official synopsis says that "Victoria makes a drastic move to deal with someone from her past" this week, we think she's talking about someone else. Perhaps Conrad's first wife?

6. Emily being drowned?! Whatever the case, someone is after Emily, since we see her thrown into a bucket of water at :14. That's probably not good...

Did we miss something? Interpret something wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Revenge on Sunday, March 16 at its new 10 p.m. ET/PT slot on ABC.

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