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Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Give Each Other Promise Rings! (PHOTO)

Time to hop on a motorized lawn mower and take a trip to South Dakota, home of Teen Mom 2's most tattoo-obsessed baby daddy, Adam Lind. You know, Adam Lind? The one who recently got into a fiery car wreck with a couple innocent old ladies? That guy!

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter    

Adam has a pretty bad reputation 'round Teen Mom land thanks to his multiple DUIs, questionable life decisions, and iffy relationship with his baby mama Chelsea Houska, but times are officially changing. Despite running a few geriatrics off the road, Adam has majorly cleaned up his act, and these days he's all about being a great dad to his baby, Paislee Mae, as well as a great baby daddy to his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur.

Adam and Taylor have a relatively fraught relationship (they've broken up a handful of times), but it looks like this happy couple are finally ready to commit! Well, kind of. Like many middle schoolers before them, Adam and Taylor have gifted each other with promise rings as a token of their commitment to one another, and you know what that means! Engagement rings are just around the corner.

Taylor showed off a picture of her and Adam's rings via Twitter with the caption "Promise to each other," and we have to admit they're kind of adorable. Taylor's ring is a simple and elegant diamond, while Adam's is a manly black band, presumably forged in the fires of Mordor. How cute!

However, as much as we're rooting for Adam and Taylor, we can't help but remember the time this dude gave Chelsea a promise ring, only to break up with her a few weeks later. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself!

03.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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