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Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Goes Bra-Less For Nude Baby Bump Selfie! (PHOTO)

You know what your life is sorely missing? A giant, up-close and personal photo of Jenelle Evans's baby bump. This notorious Teen Mom 2 star is currently around 23 weeks pregnant with her second son, future despot of the dirty South Kaiser Griffith, and her belly is getting bigger and bigger by the second!

Credit: Jenelle Evans Official Fanpage    

Jenelle loves nothing more than sharing pregnancy selfies with her fans, but she recently took things to a whole new level with a super close-up and super-naked photo of her protruding stomach. All we have to say is two words: under boob.

While its great to see Jenelle's bare bump again (hello, old friend), we're not quite sure why she felt the need to take off her bra for this shoot, but hey — more power to her. Clearly, she's morphed into Mother Nature and just wants to feel the rain on her skin. Bow down to this flaw-free Alfredo-chugging earth goddess, everyone!

Do you think Jenelle's latest picture is a bit too risque for your poor, innocent Twitter feed, or are you all about her embracing her body and showing off that bump for the camera? Weigh in below!

PS: shout out to Jenelle's belly ring, which is literally hanging on for dear life.

Source: Facebook