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Kim Kardashian

Rob Kardashian Embarrassed to Attend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Due to Weight Gain — Report (VIDEO)

Rob Kardashian’s recent weight gain has clearly taken a toll both physically, but it seems the sudden transformation has made the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star even more fragile than anyone had expected, and now, it’s threatening to jeopardize his sister’s big day. reports that Rob feels so insecure about his new body that he’s having second thoughts about attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Parisian nuptials later this year.

“Rob is upset about his changing shape and truly feels like the black sheep of the family,” says a source close to the reality star .

While it’s unlikely that Rob would get very much camera time, should he attend his big sister’s wedding, it seems as though his feelings of inadequacy are as much a product of his weight gain as his feelings regarding being constantly compared to his sisters.

“Of course, that could change. Kim is his sister. He loves her. But he knows this will be all about Kim and as usual, Rob feels he would be like the third wheel,” says an insider. “[Kim] thinks he is a total slacker and it’s very hurtful to Rob. Out of all the Kardashian kids, Rob is the most down to earth and level headed. But he is just trying to find his way in the world.”

Do you think Rob should put his insecurities aside for Kim’s big day, or are his concerns valid?