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The Bachelor

Are You Glad The Bachelor 2014 Is Over? Survey Says…

Take a deep breath, guys. The Bachelor 2014 is over, and you have your Monday nights back for whatever lesser entertainment you have lined up. While Juan Pablo Galavis is off your screens now, we asked Viggle LIVE! users during the Season 18 finale how they’re handling the end of an era. Turns out? Pretty well…

An overwhelming 92 percent of Viggle Bachelor fans are ready to move on to the next lead on the ABC show. It’ll be quite some time — nearly 10 months — until a new Bachelor takes over rose duties from the happily coupled Juan Pablo, but we are already gearing up for The Bachelorette, when Andi Dorfman’s season kicks off on May 19, and we hope you are too.

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The super small minority, 8 percent of Vigglers, would be happy to get their dose of tears and roses every Monday night. We can hardly blame them, but that would be the most dramatic weekday ever, all the time, and that just seems excessive. Can you imagine ABC’s Kleenex bill? Out of control.

Do you want to weigh in on important issues, like how much Bachelor you can handle, and the length a lead should be on TV? Easy. All you have to do is download Viggle, check into your favorite shows (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, obviously), and start racking up points for polls and quizzes. Heck, we could do that every week...

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