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Dancing With The Stars

Len Goodman: “I Will Try to Be Less Grumpy” on Dancing With the Stars Season 18

Do you prefer "nice" Len Goodman or "grumpy" Len Goodman? The head judge for Dancing With the Stars is returning to the ballroom for Season 18, despite past rumors that he might want to drop the job.

Len tweeted on March 12, "I'm here in America. Good luck to all those taking part in season 18. I will try to be less grumpy. Can't promise !!" But if he stops being grumpy he'll have to change his Twitter name!

He's just being cheeky, but "Grumpy Old Len" is part of his persona on the show — it’s tradition — and fans would probably miss that if he changed. We can't wait to see him roll his eyes at Bruno Tonioli, and it's only a matter of time before he says something just isn't his cup of tea, sausage. (Cue the "boos" from the audience!) But it's also only a matter of time before he says "From Len, a 10!" and that's always a big moment for the competing pairs.

Being "grumpy" (aka critical) gives Len a level of credibility as a ballroom expert instead of just a cheerleader who loves everything. Or as one fan put it, when replying to Len's tweet, "If you weren't grumpy, it just wouldn't be you." Truth. And you'd probably be grumpy too if you had to commute from London to L.A.!

Are you glad Len is back in the ballroom for Season 18? Do you hope he is a bit less grumpy or do you like Len the way he's always been? The show starts this Monday, March 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Twitter