Credit: Nathan Griffith on Twitter    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Defends Nathan Griffith Relationship After Shocking Video Leak

We've been hyperventilating into a paper bag ever since watching the alarming leaked video (via of Jenelle Evans's insane fight with Nathan Griffith. This Teen Mom 2 couple got into a major feud in which Nathan pretty much told his baby mama to GTFO, and — surprise, surprise — it was leaked to the media. Now fans are convinced that Nathan and Jenelle's relationship is a hot mess that's doomed to fail, but fear not! These two have gotten over the hump, and are more in love than ever.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

"If u r wondering, yes we r still madly in love," Jenelle posted to Instagram along with a photo of Nathan smooching her cheek. "Excuse my weird ass face lmao."

Sigh, so demure. But that's not all! Jenelle also assured fans that she and Nathan aren't about to let a leaked video come in between their relationship, tweeting, "Sorry to break it to u, but our relationship is stronger than some petty bullshit."

While it's true that Nathan and Jenelle's blow-out fight was somewhat shocking (that's an understatement), every couple gets into the occasional tiff. It's also completely normal for people to say things they don't mean, and we're sure Nathan's threats to break up with Jenelle were said in the heat of the moment.

"Nathan doesn't care, this is an old argument when we were going through a rough patch," Jenelle explained. "We r all good now."

Phew! Considering that Jenelle and Nathan are about to pop out a baby, it's more important than ever that they're on good terms!