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The Walking Dead

Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15: Abraham Plans to Leave Tara and Glenn (VIDEO)

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Glenn Rhee, (Steven Yeun) Tara Chambler, (Alanna Masterson) Abraham Ford, (Michael Cudlitz) Dr. Eugene Porter, (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita Espinosa, (Christian Serratos) but the sneak peek below for The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15: “Us” has Tara and Abraham font and center as they keep watch by the train tracks while the rest of the group sleeps.

“Go to sleep, I got this,” Tara tells Abraham. “No offense but I’m not leaving Eugene’s life in your hands,” Abraham quips back.

Eugene told Abraham that he knows what started this whole outbreak, and that if he could just get to Washington D.C. he could find a cure. In the comics, Eugene ends up being full of you-know-what, but we don’t yet know if his TV counterpart will follow the same path.

But back to the sneak peek. Abraham reveals that he, Eugene, and Rosita only plan to stay with Glenn and Tara a little while longer before “five becomes three.” Abe also implores Tara to get some sleep, noting that he hadn’t seen her doze off because he assumed she was in love with Glenn.

But Abraham proves that he’s a pretty sharp dude and tells Tara he caught her looking down Rosita’s shirt. “Hey the things are damn near hypnotic”, he reasons with a laugh.

To see how Tara responds, check out the sneak peek below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.