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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

In the epilogue to the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale, someone was burying Mrs. DiLaurentis — and she looked pretty dead. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Here are our top suspects.

Mr. Hastings

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This would be pretty tragic, given that these two not only have a romantic history, but had a child (Jason) together. But, we have a feeling that the central theme to this episode might prove to be: a parent will do anything to protect his or her child. Earlier in this episode, we saw Melissa tell Mr. Hastings a secret about who killed the girl who was in Ali’s grave. We think Melissa might have been the one to do it, and we think Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. DiLaurentis to cover it up. To keep his daughter safe.


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Of course, Melissa isn’t one to let other’s do her dirty work for her. If she thought that Mrs. DiLaurentis threatened her freedom in some way, who’s to say she didn’t off the woman herself? We’re not sure how Mrs. DiLaurentis might have found out about the other girl, but when Mr. Hastings ran into her at the police office, he seemed terrified that she would throw Spencer under the bus for the crime. Did Melissa get to Mrs. DiLaurentis before she could point the finger at another Hastings: Melissa?


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We’re not sure what kind of connection CeCe and Mrs. DiLaurentis had, but we know that CeCe was wearing the shirt Mrs. D. bought in the previous episode and we know that CeCe was released from the police department just before someone killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. Did Mrs. D. know too much about what CeCe has done? Did CeCe, fresh off a deal that kept her out of the slammer for Wilden’s murder, kill the person who might be able to point the finger at her? If so: harsh. Also, does this put Travis in danger? He’s too pretty to die!

Ali’s twin

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The more we learn about the night of Ali’s almost-murder, the more we think she has a twin that Mrs. DiLaurentis was trying to protect. We think that twin may have been the one who attacked Alison, and we think she may have been the one who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. If the former theory is correct, she obviously has some unresolved rage directed toward her family. Did she take it out on Alison that night? Did she take it out on her own mother the night of the Season 4 finale?

Who do you think killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Share your theories in the comments below!

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