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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 13 Quotes: “Wouldn’t Be the First Flying Monkey I Dated”

The characters on Once Upon a Time might have their hands full with breaking curses and fighting witches and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean they’re too busy for a good zinger.

We've rounded up the 10 best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 3, Episode 13: “Witch Hunt,” including Grumpy casting doubt on Neal’s well-being. Enjoy!

10. Regina [about the Wicked Witch]: “I don’t care if the Lollipop Guild is protecting her.”

How dare she not take the Lollipop Guild seriously!

9. Whale [about Little John becoming a monkey]: “I’m a doctor, not a vet.”

In other words, Whale’s prescription for Little John just involves eating a lot of bananas.

8. Mary Margaret [to Henry, about Emma]: “We were cellmates.”

Nothing brings two people together better than bonding in the yard.

7. Wicked Witch: [about whether she’ll kill Regina] “Nah, too easy.”

Right, because what’s a more carefree pastime than murder?

6. Leroy [about Neal having been taken]: “Smart money is on yes.”

That’s Grumpy for you, always the optimist.

5. Emma: “Either that wall did something to you in the past year, or I’m going to say it didn’t work.”

Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if Regina and that wall had a beef.

4. Wicked Witch [to Regina, about her dress]: “I had to take it in a little bit at the hips.”

Apparently, being a witch doesn’t mean you can’t still focus on your physique.

3. Emma: “Wouldn’t be the first flying monkey I dated.”

When this is an accurate statement about your dating life, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

2. Regina: “Unlike you, I never spent time in prison.”

What are friends for but to remind you of your time in the joint?

1. Hook [to David, about Emma’s ex]: “Did you just miss the part where I said ‘monster’?”

David needs to sharpen his listening skills a bit.

What was your favorite quote from the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

03.19.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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