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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Her Relationship With Nathan Griffith’s Ex, Allison Stevens

Jenelle Evans may have a knack for fighting with virtually everyone who crosses her path, but there’s one person she’s doing her best to avoid butting heads with: Allison Stevens, the mother of Nathan Griffith’s daughter, Emery.

Jenelle took to her favorite soapbox, Twitter, to deny rumors of bad blood between her and Allison after her followers accused her of crossing the line by posting photos of Nathan and his daughter on social media.

“‘You are so ignorant posting pics Of Nathan's daughter’ everyone can shut up,” tweeted Jenelle. “Me and @astevens1089 r on great terms and civil. Don't start.”

Allison echoed Jenelle’s sentiments, writing, “We are being civil to who ever this concerns they are together and will be married in the near future and she will be in my little girls life and I too have found someone that I believe to be the one so I believe it is only fair they are including our little girl in their lives.”

Ashley added, “He is her father and I will not keep his little girl from him and his fam it would not only not be fair to Emmy but him and his fam too she loves his family just the same.”

We’ve got to say, it seems like Jenelle has done a lot of growing up in recent months — amicably co-parenting with Nathan’s ex seems like a major maturity milestone for the former wild child.

Are you surprised that Jenelle and Allison are on such good terms?

Source: Twitter