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The Bachelor

Nikki Ferrell Learning Spanish for Juan Pablo Galavis — Sweet or Unfair?

How do you say "going the extra mile" in Spanish? Indeed, Nikki Ferrell is proving that she's willing to become bilingual for Juan Pablo Galavis's sake, as she has been learning Spanish.

In the past few months, it has appeared as though Juan Pablo never found a problem he couldn't blame on his language barrier. Indeed, whether he was trying to explain his anti-gay comments or his joke involving the "R-word," he reminded us all that he's lived for many years in Venezuela.

And while his somewhat limited English could make things tricky when it comes to communicating with Nikki, it appears that the two have found a solution. On March 19, JPG posted a pic (at left) of Nikki using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish. "Somebody is HITING hard some @rosettastone...," Juan Pablo captions the pic.

We definitely admire Nikki for working hard to learn a new language. In fact, this shows how hard she's willing to work for the sake of the relationship. Still, we kinda wonder if it's a little one-sided that Nikki is the only one who has to spend her free time studying flashcards. Couldn't Juan Pablo be studying English vocab while she's learning español?

How do you feel about Nikki learning Spanish?

Source: Juan Pablo on Instagram