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19 Hot Famous Guys With Babies! These Celebrity Twitpics Might Explode Your Cute-o-Meter

If you like the whole babies-being-cradled-by-hot-guys thing, then this gallery will definitely be a face-scrunching, squeal-inducing thrill ride. Not all these hot guys are dads, but they're all holding itty-bitty infants... and they're all freaking adorable. Because a hot celebrity guy is cute enough on his own, not to mention a little celebrity baby. But the two of them together? It's almost too much to handle. (Just almost, though.)

From The Walking Dead's ;Norman Reedus to Bachelor Nation's ;Jef Holmes, from Arrow's ;Colton Haynes to Supernatural's Jared Padalecki, lots of hot guys have shown off their favorite lil tykes on Instagram and Twitter, and we can't get enough of 'em. ;

Will your ovaries explode after viewing said gallery? Why not test yourself by clicking through a few slides! And be sure to check back for more ;— because with guys this fine around, it seems inevitable that there can only be more celebrity babies a-coming.

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