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Teen Mom

Amber Portwood Looks Gorgeous In a Recent Selfie — See It Here! (PHOTO)

We've been worried about Amber Portwood's relationship with technology ever since she voluntarily opted out of her drug court program and went to jail. This Teen Mom star spent more than a year behind bars, which means she missed out on several important moments in social media, including the epic rise of the selfie. Sure, selfies were around before Amber was incarcerated, but they took on a life of their own while this gal was busy styling her hair with melted Jolly Ranchers, and for a while we feared that Amber's post-jail life would be a tragic, selfie-less pit of sadness. Boy, were we wrong.

Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    

Now that Amber has ditched the clink and made her grand debut back into the world, she's realized that social media is the most important thing in her life (other than her daughter Leah, natch), and girlfriend finally joined Twitter. This notorious starlet created the handle @AmberLPortwood on March 15, and you know what that means, guys. Selfies. So many of them.

Sure, Amber hasn't mastered the art of filtering yet, but she looks absolutely stunning in the images she's posted to Twitter — especially in this snapshot taken about a month ago. Check out Amber's Jolly Rancher-free hair and smokey eyes! This former Teen Mom is killing her post-jail look, and we love her jaunty tartan scarf.

Of course, this selfie would be way better if Amber's stomach tattoo / thumb dermals were featured, but we'll take what we can get.

Do you love or hate Amber’s latest selfies? Weigh in below, and follow @AmberLPortwood!