Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram    
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss’s High School Grad Pic — See How Much She’s Changed! (PHOTO)

OMG, ya'll, it's baby Kandi Burruss! In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta diva posted a photo taken the day of her high school graduation and she couldn't be more adorable.

Her dazzling smile pops against the cherry-red cap and gown, but despite her happy expression, Kandi's graduation day was actually super stressful! Kandi added the full story of what went down on her momentous occasion when she posted the pic on Instagram.

Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram    

"#tbt my graduation day at #tricitieshighschool. This was a crazy day,” Kandi begins the caption, before going into details about the story. Apparently, trying to balance a rising music career and finishing out high school is tough!

“My group #Xscape was mad at me for going to my graduation because we had a show that day,” she continues. “I had to rush out of the graduation, didn't get to take pics with my family, & rush to the airport & my flight was delayed... When I got to the show the promoter still let us perform even tho it made the show start a little late.”

And, as with every group at one point or another, the Xscape girls ran into a little conflict. “My group was so mad they weren't talking to me at first,” Kandi recalls. “They did give me a cake tho. To be honest I was kinda mad at them because I felt like they should've come with me. I wanted them to celebrate with me because it was hard going on the road & still trying to keep up with my work at school. I knew that I was possibly gonna make my group lose money & it was selfish of me to go but I didn't care. I had missed all the senior trips, senior prom, etc... But I refused to miss my graduation!”

So was it worth it after all of that? “To me it was!” she says. “#Memories #funnyhowlookingatapicturecantakeyoubacktothatmoment.”

Wow! Her followers quickly chimed in to tell Kandi that she did the right thing and we tend to agree.

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