Credit: Gary Shirley on Twitter    
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Teen Mom

Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Plays With a New Furry Friend! (PHOTO)

Teen Mom might be over, but fans can finally keep up with Amber Portwood thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter! Amber was pretty late to get on the social media train (which was probably a wise idea in retrospect), but now that girlfriend has a Twitter handle, she's all about updating fans about her life in the slow lane.

Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    

Not only does Amber reach out to her fleet of followers for advice and friendship, she also posts the occasional photo of her beautiful daughter, Leah Shirley, who lives full-time with her dad, Gary. This lovable watermelon farmer has custody of Leah thanks to Amber's drug use and recent stint in jail, but these days he's all about co-parenting with Ambs, who has been clean and sober for two years!

Amber sees Leah regularly and recently tweeted a cute photo of her little lady bonding with an equally cute furry friend. "Leah playing with puppy. Sending love!" Amber captioned the snapshot, which features Leah sporting a pink "princess shirt" (because duh, she is royalty.)

Basically, this photo is a meeting of the adorable minds, and aww-ing over it is the perfect way to start your week! You're welcome forever.

What do you think of Amber and Gary’s co-parenting skills? Tell us your thoughts below!