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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita’s Advice for Stylists Working With Autistic Clients

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita clearly knows a thing or two about hair care, given that she's a cosmetologist. And since she and husband Chris's son Nicholas has autism, she has valuable advice for any stylists who work with autistic clients.

Jac is asked by Your Beauty Industry for tips for stylists who may work with a child who has autism. "Patience," Jac says. "Talk softly. Use 'trim' instead of 'cut.' Try using a positive reinforcer."

Jacqueline also thinks it helps if the child has something else to focus on during the haircut. "Offer a distraction (iPad, movie)," Jac adds. "Work quickly!"

We think Jac's advice makes a lot of sense. Come to think of it, we're now going to ask if we can watch a movie while we get our next haircut.

Indeed, we love whenever we get an update from Jacqueline on how Nick is doing. Earlier this month, she revealed what Nick told her as they waited for her other son, C.J., to finish school for the day. "Nicholas keeps saying (unprompted), 'I want CJ!' as we wait for him to get out of school," Jac tweeted. So adorable!

What do you think of Jac's advice for stylists?

Source: Your Beauty Industry