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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014 Switch-Up Twist: Great Idea or Disaster in the Making?

Voting for the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Switch Up twist has begun, though the actual Switch up won't happen until Week 4. So, are fans excited to see the stars partnered with new pros, or are they worried it will be a disaster?

Actually, it turns out a lot of people think this twist could work out well!

During last night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle to see what fans thought of this twist, and 64 percent of responders thought this twist "could be really cool." That means only 36 percent thought it will definitely "be a disaster."

Way to have faith, guys!

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So far, most of the stars and pros who have spoken out about the twist have been less enthusiastic. While they have all said it could work out well, most seem worried. For instance, Sharna Burgess told us, "It could be wonderful, and it could be a trainwreck. You can't know until you try it," adding, "My opinion heading in is that it concerns me, because so much of dancing, and what we do on the show, is creating that trust and chemistry."

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