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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Shares a Drool-Worthy Picture of Nathan Griffith’s Abs (PHOTO)

Can you believe that Jenelle Evans has been dating Nathan Griffith for almost a year? It seems like just yesterday that these love birds met on the internet, and now they're living together and getting ready to pop out a baby. Time flies when you're binge-eating breadsticks at Olive Garden!

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

So much has changed in Jenelle and Nathan's relationship over the past year, but one thing that remained the same? Nathan's glorious abs. This dude just happens to moonlight as a male model and MMA fighter (best resume ever), so you better believe he has a super-sculpted body. Nathan's abs are so washboard-esque that we could literally clean our dirty laundry on them, just saying.

Naturally, Jenelle's just as obsessed with Nathan's body as we are, and not a day goes by that she doesn't muse on his muscles. In fact, said muscles seem to play a pretty important role in Nathan and Jenelle's relationship, and they were one of the first things that attracted Jenelle to her man!

Behold, a flashback photo of Jenelle and Nathan's first weeks as a couple, in which Nathan revealed his six-pack to Jenelle and caused her to go temporarily blind. "#TBT last summer when I was drooling over [Nathan] when I first laid eyes on that body," Jenelle tweeted.

Um, this picture is amazing. Not only because Nathan's six pack is like a beacon of glorious studliness, but because of the way he's adoringly staring at it. Jenelle is one lucky lady!

What do you think of Nathan’s abs? Are they hot or not? Weigh in below!