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Grey's Anatomy

This Little Boater Grew Up to Be One of the Hottest Actors on TV — Who Is He? (PHOTOS)

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If you thought Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) was adorable, just check out what what he looked like as a kid.

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday yesterday, March 27 — which is unquestionably our favorite fake holiday — Jesse posted a pic of himself as a little kid, sailing the seven seas in a life jacket and cargo shorts. Even back then, Jesse was totally stylin’.

“Me & Uncle Pete on the coast,” Jesse said alongside his Instagram post. “#TrueStory. #FamilyFormsAndShapes.”

Jesse was absolutely precious as a child… not like that comes as any surprise. Also, we are impressed that he knew how to sail before he could drive a car. If the steering on a boat was left up to us, we’d end up lost at sea forever. Good job, Jesse!

You know what this means: It’s time for Shonda Rhimes to capitalize off of Jesse’s sailing experience. We’ve seen every type of disastrous vehicle accident in the book: Plane crashes, car crashes, ferry crashes, school bus crashes… it’s about time we witness something horrific on a boat. Just as long as Jackson survives it, of course.

Even better: A flash forward where we get to see Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) teaching their kids how to sail. How perfect would that be?

Meanwhile, our fingers are crossed Jesse decides to share more pics from his youth. He couldn’t possibly be more cute! We wonder if the little boy in the photo knew he’d grow up to be a handsome TV doctor?

Source: Instagram

03.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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