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Train Spotting! Celebs Who Aren’t Too Cool to Take the Subway (PHOTOS)

If we were famous, we'd do as the many famous people do, and get someone to pick us up in a shiny, tinted, air-conditioned black sedan. Maybe a private plane, depending on traffic and time constraints, actually...
But not everyone takes advantage of their A-list status. Some of the shiny, famous folks we love the most — like ;Rihanna, ;the Kardashians, and ;Vampire Diaries’ actor ;Paul Wesley ;— have been spotted taking the subway to get themselves around town. Meaning, not only are they being environmentally friendly, they're also likely thrilling their fellow train riders. Click through to see quite the assortment of famous faces getting around town. Who would you most like to sit next to?

Stars — they’re (sometimes) just like us!