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Dancing With The Stars

Derek Hough: Amy Purdy Wants to Get Mark Ballas in Dancing With the Stars Switch Up

Voting for the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Switch Up closes at 11:59 p.m. PT on Monday, March 31. The new partners will hit the dance floor on Monday, April 7.

There's not a lot of excitement for this on the celeb/pro front, although some celebs do have preferences, based on things like height — NeNe Leakes wants Maksim Chmerkovskiy because he's the tallest pro and she's 5'10" tall — and connection to their current partner.

On that note, Derek Hough noted in his TV Guide blog that his current partner, Amy Purdy, would like to be paired with Derek's own best friend since childhood, Mark Ballas.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

"The whole thing will be interesting," Derek wrote of the Switch Up. "We all have different teach methods and different theories about technique, connection and certain things like that. It'll be funny if the celebrity goes, 'Well, so-so taught me the opposite,' and the pros are going to be like, 'Well, this week, you have to trust me.' That might be interesting if there are any contradictions, but there might not be any. I don't know if any couples have made deals to try to get fans to vote for a certain switch, but I know Amy would like to get Mark because he and I are close. Whoever she gets, I'm going to be very supportive. I'm going to be right there if they need any help. I'm not going to abandon her, like, 'Nope, nope! You're not my partner!'"

No one would really abandon their original partner, would they? This is only supposed to be for one week, then the celebs choose where they want to stay. There's been no suggestion that anyone wants to do anything but consider this a one-and-done deal, going back to their first partners the next week.

@DWTSGossip shared some Switch Up predictions, and based on their hashtag analysis, Amy will probably get her wish and dance with Mark. It's possible Derek will get Meryl Davis, with whom he worked in the Sochi Olympics. Or the Chmerkovskiy boys may do something similar to Amy/Derek/Mark and try to switch partners. That would give Danica McKellar to Maks and Meryl to Val Chmerkovskiy.

Get more details on how the Switch Up voting will be tabulated at ABC's site. It seems unnecessarily complicated, but what else is now on this show? Read Derek's full blog for details on his Week 3 Contemporary routine with Amy, which will be danced with her new prosthetic legs — they have swim feet!

Do you hope Amy is paired with Mark in the Switch Up? Do you have any other Switch Up preferences? How have you been voting, or have you been sitting out the vote?

Sources: TV Guide, ABC, @DWTSGossip